Kamis, 24 Desember 2015

Make Easy recipe for Avocado Juice Diet

Ideal body is a dream of every person. In fact, have the right weight and not excessive demands not only for appearance, but also to keep the body healthy. There are so many diet options you can do to reduce the excess weight. One is to use avocado juice to the diet. Usually people avoid green fruit is because they think that the avocado can increase the levels of fat in the body. Actually it is not entirely true, because that makes the body fat is the habit of adding too much sugar, milk or cream into the avocado juice. Then how the right diet with avocado juice?

Before knowing how to make the avocado juice to the diet, it would be nice if you learn the benefits of avocado for health and nutrition in it. Indeed, it is better if you eat avocados directly in the form of still fruit compared to processing it into juice. This is because there are so many nutrients that are very good for the body. Avocados do contain fat, but the type of unsaturated very beneficial for lowering bad cholesterol. In addition to healthy fats, some protein, fiber, carotenoids and other nutrients. Therefore, the avocado is not only efficacious for weight loss, but also maintain a healthy body.

Although direct consumption of avocado is better done, there's nothing wrong if you make it into a delicious juice. Moreover, for those who do not like the slightly bitter taste that exist in this fruit, some juice avocado recipes for the following diet may be beneficial. The first recipe is avocado juice with vanilla chocolate. All you need is 3 avocado, sugar has been delivered as many as 100 ml, water that has been cooked 250 ml, 100 ml vanilla syrup, chocolate milk as much as 5 spoons, and ice cubes to taste. Put all ingredients in a blender except the ice cubes and milk that can be used as a complement. Once well blended, pour into a glass and serve while cold.

The second recipe is not less delicious, namely milk shakes avocado juice. The materials you need are not too much, that as many as 1 avocado fruit, mineral water 150 ml, white liquid milk without the fat and half a glass of ice cubes as a supplement. Just like the first one, you need to mix all the ingredients into a blender to blend. After that pour into a glass and put some ice cubes. Avocado juice to the diet can be taken in the morning instead of breakfast. That way you can feel full longer, as well as the metabolic system of the body to be smooth and the weight will soon decline.

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