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Breakfast Menu Healthy and Practical

Breakfast has become a morning ritual which must not be abandoned. With breakfast in the morning, then the body will get enough energy from a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients contained in the breakfast menu. This energy is harnessed body to perform various activities throughout the day, be it work, school, or college. In addition, a healthy breakfast menu must also be considered. Here are some healthy breakfast menu and certainly practical and you can try at home.

First ie oatmeal breakfast menu with a variety of toppings. Oatmeal is already known as eating healthy and very practical to be presented. However, sometimes people get bored with the taste of oatmeal that's it. Actually you could creation oatmeal with various toppings you. Healthy toppings can be added to the list of healthy breakfast menu as well as a fruit or honey and milk. For fruit, you can add blueberries, mango, strawberry, or banana too. By eating oatmeal for breakfast, guaranteed you will not easily feel hungry because of its nutrient content can withstand hunger longer.

The next menu is scrambled eggs with a mixture of boiled potatoes. A healthy breakfast menu is very easy and practical without requiring a long time to make. The ingredients you need was also easy to obtain. You only need ingredients such as eggs, potatoes and salt for seasoning. The way to make that peel and wash the potatoes first, then you can boil them in boiling water. Always check the texture of the potato in order to get the right level of maturity and not mushy when eaten. If it is cooked, remove and drain the potatoes. Next, make scrambled eggs. You can add potatoes and salt while stirring eggs. Mix the eggs and potatoes evenly and serve when ripe.

As an alternative, you can also make toast honey as a full breakfast menu. The breakfast menu is very practical for those who do not have much time. Enough to bake bread on a grill or if no grill, you can use Teflon to bake the bread. Before roasted on Teflon, make sure you've smear both sides of the bread with a little butter. After yellowish, you just smearing toast with honey and could also sprinkled with cocoa powder to add deliciousness. A healthy breakfast menu it only takes no more than ten minutes. By doing so, the breakfast will be a moment of fun without spending a lot of your time. That was a little review on the breakfast menu that is healthy and of course very practical to be made at home. Good luck!

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