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Health Benefits of Coffee For You Need To Know

Who does not like coffee? Almost all adults loved it, even some of them never missed the morning without a cup of coffee. There are many pros and cons of coffee. However, for coffee lovers, you do not need to worry as it turns out there are some health benefits of coffee. Although coffee contains caffeine which can harm the body if consumed too much, but there are also benefits that can be obtained by taking a regular basis, but the portion that is not excessive. In addition, of course, you are recommended not too often drink coffee with extra sugar and cream were too much. Here are 10 benefits of drinking coffee for your health.

The first benefit is the high content of antioxidants in coffee. Maybe you do not think that in addition to caffeine, coffee also contains even more antioxidants than most fruits and vegetables. Health benefits of coffee the second is to reduce the risk of diabetes, especially in type 2. This is due to the effects of compounds in coffee that is capable of blocking the formation of abnormal proteins generated by polypeptide. The disorder is commonly found in people with type 2 diabetes are three benefits that can prevent gallstones terserangnya. It also has been proven by researchers at Harvard proving that at least reduce the risk of this disease by 25 percent.

Furthermore, the fourth is to prevent gout. For men who have reached age 40 years and above can avoid the disease by drinking coffee regularly. This is because coffee can reduce uric acid levels so as to prevent the occurrence of inflammation. Health benefits of coffee fifth is to reduce the risk of Parkinson's disease terserangnya. Caffeine contained in coffee has been shown to make people who drink coffee have a lower risk of the disease than those who do not. Sixth, coffee can also prevent you depressed. In fact, if you drink four cups a day, the risk decreased by 20 percent.

There is also a coffee seventh benefits is that it can increase the body's metabolic system . In normal individuals , coffee can expedite metabolism . Not only that , you also can maintain and even lose weight . The eighth benefit is able to improve the performance of short-term and endurance. Therefore , some athletes drink coffee before exercise to help them improve strength . The ninth is able to prevent liver cancer , breast , prostate and endometrium . While the health benefits of coffee the latter is able to help improve memory both short term and long . Tenth benefits obtained through some research , so do not be afraid to drink coffee on a regular basis , because it turns out there are a lot of benefits that you can get.

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